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“The needs of children are long-term,” – Segawa Ephraim

Heart for People seeks to create long-term partnerships between schools in Uganda and schools and groups in the U.S. to address the long-term needs of children. We call the American side of this partnership the “chapter.”

These chapters allow for student leadership and deep engagement in international development. We have chapters at elementary schools, high schools, and universities. Start a chapter now to Skype with classes, write letters to students, and email the director and teachers at the Ugandan school. Chapter members work with the director of their Ugandan school to raise money for a specific project they decide upon. This might be a well, a classroom, school supplies, or anything the director and chapter feel is most needed that year.


Our schools in Uganda provide an education to orphans and vulnerable children who cannot afford to attend other schools. This system of chapters is a sustainable method of direct aid. We love this model because students in the United States can be part of the decision-making process to select a project and see the tangible difference they make in their partner school.

How do I start?


1. Contact us!

Email us. We will support you throughout the process and establish the partnership between you and one of our Ugandan schools so you can start emailing and Skyping right away. Check out our list of partner schools. If you feel passionate about a specific school, we will take your preference into consideration.


2. Start a club

Find out how to start a club or after-school organization. Your school will provide you with step-by-step instructions and some paperwork to fill out. This shouldn’t take long. Contact us for sample documents or assistance filling out the forms.

3. Get faculty support

Tell your teachers or professors about the mission of Heart for People: to form relationships and supply direct, accountable aid to children in need. You’ll need one or two faculty members to agree to be the advisor for the club. This is important because they will be the people to continue the chapter after you have graduated. Download the Leader's Handbook. It has all the information you need.


4. Recruit members

Start a Facebook group, tell your friends, and hand out flyers. Depending on the rules of your school, you’ll need between 10 and 20 students to express their interest in joining the club.

5. Pick a project

Visit your school’s page on our website or contact us to learn about the most pressing needs. Pick the one/s you are most interested in and we will give you a target fundraising goal to meet that need.


6. Pick a fundraiser

Download the Leader's Handbook for a list of fundraiser ideas or come up with one of your own! Don’t forget to advertise well in advance and work with your school to create a successful fundraiser. 


7. See the change

Send a check or money order to the national Heart for People Foundation at the address below. We will wire 100% of the money raised by you to your school in Uganda. Continue talking and Skyping with your director to hear and see the progress of your project. Contact us for more information- we love hearing from you!


Heart for People

258 Morris Ave

Denville, NJ


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