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Chapter Resources


Interested in changing the world but don't know where to begin? Check out our resources below to get you started!

Leader's Handbook


Download the Leader's Handbook to find information and inspiration about:


  • Telling Heart for People's story

  • Making a pitch

  • How to run a fundraiser

  • Marketing

  • Sample press releases and flyers

  • How to run a meaningful meeting

Bible Study


Check out Food for the Hungry's four-series Bible Study! It gives context on global poverty and invites participants to consider a Biblical response. Download the free resource to delve deeper into God's calling with:


  • Statistics about poverty

  • How poverty is part of the story of redemption

  • Discussion questions

  • Group activites

  • Case studies

  • Reflection exercises


** Note that this Bible Study is at the Poverty Unlocked website

Read to Roof


Read to Roof engages, educates, and connects participants with Ugandan children and their culture. This is an innovative fundraiser that links students in the U.S. with their partner schools in Uganda. Purchase the package to run this fundraiser with your classroom or youth group (the $5 fee supports Heart for People)


  • Sample letter to parents

  • Reading logs

  • Sponsors form


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