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Write to Your Student

We are pleased to offer an opportunity to write a letter directly to your sponsored child! Simply fill in the form below and write a personal message to your child. These messages will be printed and mailed to Uganda.


DO write about your family, childhood memories, and funny stories

DON'T write about your stuff (house, clothing, cars, presents for Christmas, etc.)

DO write about hobbies, likes/dislikes, sports, your church, your school

DON'T feel you need to write at length. They will treasure even a few words from you

DO use language that demonstrates you see him or her as your child, as part of your family

DON'T be afraid to ask questions, even about the mundane. They will love to explain their lives to you.

DO encourage them to do well in school and celebrate their successes as they acheive each new grade level.

DON'T make promises you can't keep, such as telling him you'll bring him to the United States or assuring her you will send her to college. As well intentioned as this may be, circumstances may arise that will make such promises impossible to fulfill or even not in the best interest of your child. If you have ideas about playing a larger role in your child's future, please speak to us!


*Note that all messages are screened before being sent to Uganda.

Some quick do's and don'ts:

Let's Get Started!

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