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Heart for People connects schools in the U.S. with schools in Uganda to form relationships between children around the world. These connections establish cultural exchange, put a face on poverty, and foster a passion to help the people of the world while giving Ugandan children hope for their futures.



To connect children around the world through schools to transform lives, spread the message of love, and build paths out of poverty through education.


For children around the world to be loved, inspired, and empowered through education and relationships.


Home – Our schools provide holistic, wrap-around services to their students so that each one receives an education, health services, clothing, food, and love. We create support systems for the children. We give each one a larger family and a home.

Empathy – We

Accountability – We maintain high standards of accountability for ourselves, our Ugandan schools, and our U.S. partners. We consider ourselves stewards of the time, money, and people placed in our care and tend to them with great care.

Relational – We value people, both in the U.S. and in Uganda. We are interdependent, a network of collaboration that professes the dignity of all. We strive to foster authentic relationships between people around the world.

Trustworthy -


How did Heart for People get its name?

They say in Uganda that there are two types of people: those who are teachers to make money, and those who teach because they have a “heart for the children.” The first is the teacher or principal who is goes to work to get paid. These people teach and go home at the end of the day. Sometimes they do not show up at all.

In Uganda in 2011, we discovered some of those teachers who have a heart for the children. These incredible individuals share their lunch with the children who cannot afford one. They take children into their own homes when their parents have passed away or abandoned them. These people have dedicated their entire existence to the children of their communities. These teachers are the amazing men and women who inspire us. When we decided to support these incredible people, we knew we could find others in the United States who shared this “heart for the children.”

But our organization does not just help children in Uganda. It inspires children, parents, and teachers in Uganda and in the United States. And so we named our organization “Heart for People.” We seek people with heart, people who care for others, people who will change the world. People like you.

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