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Adorable & Keziah

Rwenzori Valley School


Adorable and Keziah’s school is in the far western part of Uganda, nearly on the border of the Congo. They serve nearly three hundred children from nursery age through fifth grade.


Four of Adorable and Keziah's six children

Adorable and Keziah's Story


As a child, Adorable was forced to leave school for semesters at a time when his parents could not afford the tuition. As he grew older, the headmaster gave him a job at the school banana plantation every school holiday to earn money. One of this teachers, seeing that Adorable was smart and determined, decided to help him pay for college to become a teacher. Keziah, Adorable’s wife, also earned her teaching degree. She says that to be a good parent, you must first be a teacher.


The two were married in the early 2000s and saved up enough money to purchase land to build their first home. They originally started constructing a large foundation for multiple rooms to have tenants, intending to use the extra income to support their family. But as they reflected on their lives and choices, they realized the problems they faced as children still existed in the community. Just as he himself received help from a headmaster and a teacher, Adorable also felt called to help the children who could not afford to attend school. Adorable and Keziah changed their plans, made their own bricks, and built a school on the land that was intended to be their home.


Now, they provide food and an education to the impoverished children in the community who cannot afford even the basic necessities required to attend public schools. They also instruct parents on issues like saving money and finding work. Adorable and Keziah now have six children ranging from a toddler to their oldest daughter in high school. Adorable works as the head master of a prestigious private school and sends all of his salary back home to Keziah, who uses the funds to pay teachers, buy uniforms, and feed the teachers at Rwenzori Valley School. They are a dynamic team. 

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